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Caught your first Musky? Maybe your son or daughter did on their first cast, while you’re still stuck on your first fish years after it was caught. If you want to brag on yourself or anyone else that pulled in a picture worthy Musky, this is the place to do it. Feel free to upload an image and a description … and don’t forget Gary practices catch and release and proper Musky handling, so if you need tips on how to handle a Musky for a photo op, you can find images below sourced from Musky Hunter magazine.

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Matthew B ::

49", Cave Run Lake Kentucky, Oct 2016, Double 8 Black Nickel Blades with Black and Pearl Skirt

Gary P ::

42", Pomme de Terre Lake, October 2016, Musky Wacker Double 8, Copper/Gold

Gary P ::

41", Lake of the Woods Canada, August 2016, Musky Wacker Double 8 Copper/Gold with Gold Blades

Jamie H ::

42.5", September 2015, Hazel Creek Lake, pearl with orange & nickel blades Musky Wacker

Tommy H. ::

Pomme de Terre Lake, Missouri. October 2015 caught on a custom willow.

Dave A ::

35 1/2, Pomme De Terre Lake, Missouri August 29-30, 2015 caught on black and nickel bucktail.

Coach’s Guide Service ::

40 in +, April 2013, Pomme De Terre, Black and Nickel blade Musky Wacker bucktail.

Dave A ::

40 1/2, Pomme De Terre Lake, Missouri August 29-30, 2015 caught on black & nickel bucktail.

Jeff H ::

38" muskie Pomme De Terre Lake Father's Day weekend 2015 orange perch with gold willow

Brett S ::

August 2015 Pomme de Terre Lake, black and nickel Musky Wacker Bucktail.

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I have used Musky Wacker bucktails for about three years now.  There are many things I like about them and the fish ability of the bucktails.  The colors that Gary produces are exceptional and look amazing in the water, they have great action in the ...

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