How much will I be charged for shipping if I place an order?

Standard delivery rates are based on U.S. Domestic and Canadian rates. U.S. Domestic shipping rate is calculated at $5.50 for the first lure in the order and an additional $2/lure in the same order. Canadian shipping rate is calculated at $10.50 for the first lure and an additional $2/lure in the same order. Weekends and holidays will delay shipment. Some restrictions apply. Shipping and handling charges are subject to change without notice.

Where do you ship?

We currently only ship the best Musky Wacker tackle to U.S. and Canadian postal addresses.

Return policy

We will offer full refunds for any items returned unopened, within 14 days of purchase

Care and Maintenance

As with any high quality bait, care and maintenance is paramount. For Musky Wacker tackle, make sure to allow the flashabou and hair to dry out completely before storing. In addition, utilize a proper hook sharpener to ensure hooks are razor sharp at all times. This should allow for a more effective hook set, saving you a lot of stress with lost fish, and the fish a lot of stress from improper hook sets.

What folks are saying ...

I have fished with Gary's MuskyWacker bucktails for several years now at Pomme de Terre Lake, Cave Run Lake, as well as Lake of the Woods. The effectiveness of these lures is in a word, astounding. If there were a perfectly made bucktail, it would ...

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