Musky Wacker Tackle LLC evolved out of a hobby and passion for musky fishing.  I’ve always enjoyed spending pastime being in God’s creation whether it be in a tree stand in pursuit of a whitetail deer or fishing the lakes, rivers, and streams of Missouri.  However, it became a completely different quest when a friend introduced me to my first catch of a musky.

Musky, fish of “10,000 casts”, the legendary fish with impressive choppers and ability to attain massive size, is famous for following lures right up to the boat.   Working the “figure 8” pattern to trigger a strike is an awesome site.  Experience landing a huge muskellunge once and you may be the one hooked.

Finding the perfect lure for water and weather conditions became a mission for me.  I have fished with each type of lure I make and take great pride in personally hand-tying each lure to hopefully create a chance that each one might be the lure for the “catch of a lifetime.”      –  Gary Pearson

What folks are saying ...

I caught this fish on a mudcat colored Walker Bait at Hazel Creek Lake in the back of cove in about 4 feet of water. These baits have a great profile and tremendous side-to-side action. This is great big fish bait!

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