Favorite Fishing Spots

Pomme de Terre Lake in Missouri is my home base, so most of my fishing time is spent there.   The Missouri Department of Conservation has a good muskellunge and walleye stocking program at Pomme de Terre.  Pomme is also known for its crappie, bass, and catfish populations.  Musky fishing is best in the fall and spring, but I have caught musky every month of the year.    Fellows Lake near Springfield, Missouri is also a well-known musky fishing lake.  The largest musky confirmed catch in Missouri is recorded at Fellows Lake.

I have fished Kincaid Lake in Illinois, Buckhorn and Cave Run Lakes in Kentucky with good results.  These lakes provide an enjoyable and challenging fishing experience.  Canada lakes provide great fishing opportunities. I have had many pleasurable experiences with family and friends while fishing in Canada.   Lakes I have fished in Canada include Lake of the Woods, Fletcher, Rowan, Eagle, and Sandy Beach.

I’d like to hear your experiences and favorite places to fish and any tips you would like to share with fellow fishing enthusiast.  Drop me a note and I’ll post it to this site.    Happy Fishing!

What folks are saying ...

I caught this fish on a mudcat colored Walker Bait at Hazel Creek Lake in the back of cove in about 4 feet of water. These baits have a great profile and tremendous side-to-side action. This is great big fish bait!

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