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What an awesome weekend of chasing the illusive Muskie. I took my nephew out for his first shot at a toothy critter and we had a couple of great short days of fishing. We were using black and nickel Musky Wacker Buck Tails. We put five fish in boat and they were all on Musky Wacker Buck Tails. I fish a lot of buck tails and I believe these are some of the finest ones made, it is a great product at a great price and each one is individually made by the owner of the company. He takes great pride in making a high quality buck tail and a very affordable price. Only buck tail I use. Thanks Gary

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I have fished with Gary's MuskyWacker bucktails for several years now at Pomme de Terre Lake, Cave Run Lake, as well as Lake of the Woods. The effectiveness of these lures is in a word, astounding. If there were a perfectly made bucktail, it would ...

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